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KITE's Mission

The mission of KITE is to ensure that all families with young children in Enfield have knowledge of and access to quality early care and educational opportunities both in and outside of the home.

KITE works to heighten awareness and the use of local resources that promote a well rounded and quality early childhood experience. We aim to have a community that understands and values the importance of all children having the chance to enter kindergarten well prepared to learn.

Key KITE Initiatives

  • Parent Leadership Academy
  • Community Campaign on Early Learning Matters in partnership with Born Learning
  • Yearly Preschool Fair
  • Transition to Kindergarten plan
  • Dialogues between Public Schools and Early Education providers
  • Community Planning
  • Outreach to Faith Based Community and Area Pediatricians
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KITE is a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing early education and child care opportunities in the Town of Enfield, Connecticut. KITE is supported by the William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund Discovery Committee, the Enfield Connecticut CT School Readiness Council, and the National League of Cities Committee. KITE (Key Initiatives To Early Education) combines all of these organizations into one strong working collaborative. Goals of KITE Provide information and resources about early education and child development to families in Enfield Connecticut CT. Educate the community on the value of early learning. Empower families to maximize their child's readiness for school. Offer professional development for early education providers in our community.