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Goals & Expectations

Starting kindergarten is an important step for a child. Because developmental rates vary so much between the ages of 4 and 7 years, the actual time of readiness for each child also varies. Readiness does not predict how smart, competent, or talented a child will be later on; rather, it is a measure of a child's social maturity now.

Children ready for kindergarten have to do much more than learn academics: They must be able to interact with others, follow directions, and function reasonably well in a group. The readiness list below is intended as an overview of skills and qualities that parents can discuss with early educators, school staff and health care providers when it's time to assess whether their child should begin kindergarten. It is a jumping-off point, not an absolute measure; it is designed to help you be a better observer of your child's readiness skills.

Social and Emotional Development

  • Separates easily from parent/caregiver.
  • Can meet/play with different children of his/her own age.
  • Participates in a group setting.
  • Can follow two-part directions.
  • Can transition from one activity to another.
  • Demonstrates self-control in work and play.

Cognitive Development

  • Can listen to a story.
  • Recognizes own name in print.
  • Can print first name.
  • Communicates easily.
  • Identifies five shapes.
  • Identifies and names primary colors.
  • Can count 1-20.
  • Can identify numerals 1-12.
  • Identifies 20 letters of the alphabet.
  • Can sort and label objects into different groups.
  • Makes eye contact during conversations.
  • Pays attention to task through completion.

Physical Development

  • Demonstrates toileting skills.
  • Buttons and zips.
  • Can use scissors.
  • Can use writing utensils.
  • Bounces and catches a ball.

If your child has acquired most of the skills on this checklist and will be 5 years old on or before Jan 1, he or she is probably ready for kindergarten. If you have concerns please contact the Enfield Public Schools at (860) 253-6500 or the school your child will be attending.

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KITE is a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing early education and child care opportunities in the Town of Enfield, Connecticut. KITE is supported by the William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund Discovery Committee, the Enfield Connecticut CT School Readiness Council, and the National League of Cities Committee. KITE (Key Initiatives To Early Education) combines all of these organizations into one strong working collaborative. Goals of KITE Provide information and resources about early education and child development to families in Enfield Connecticut CT. Educate the community on the value of early learning. Empower families to maximize their child's readiness for school. Offer professional development for early education providers in our community.